Volunteer for my Campaign!

           Neighbors, I do not stand a chance against my well-funded opponents without your direct support. I don't have the budget to hire a paid staff, and I cannot get my message out to one hundred thousand Clevelanders on my own.

           If you support my plan to Defend Our Neighbors From Crime, Educate Our Kids, Protect Our Environment, and Discipline Our Government, the most impactful thing you can do is vote for me on September 14th, 2021.


          The next most impactful thing you can do is join my Company of Volunteers. It's easy, and anyone can do it! Even if you don't live in Cleveland, or can't vote for some other reason. It will look very impressive on your resume, and I will write you a glowing letter of recommendation as well.


          Scroll down for a  list of everything I need your  help with! And if you don't see anything listed that's to your liking, send me an e-mail or a tweet and let me know how you can help! One thing is certain: I need all the help I can get! Let me know you're interested using the contact form on the home page, or by e-mailing staff@aok4cle.com. You can also give us a call!

Click on a team to jump to more info, or just keep scrolling down. Click here to Download the full Volunteer Handbook


           Studies prove that the best way to earn somebody's vote is to knock on their door and have a conversation with them. Sounds simple, right? It is! But it can be a lot of hard work, walking for miles in all kinds of weather.

           Volunteer door-knockers will accompany me on door-knocking missions. Having a couple of helping hands would make me appear more professional, assist with literature or merchandise, and provide great conversation and moral support! Walking around by myself would be pretty sad and pathetic, so you can help me avoid that! If you would like to join my team as a door-knocker, please contact me and I will be tremendously grateful.


Event Planning and Staff

         Publicity, fundraising, and media engagement events are the fun part of political campaigning! But there is a lot of work that goes into each appearance. Are you a visionary? I will need people to come up with great ideas and coordinate with venues. Are you a DJ? I will need help with the soundtrack and lighting. Are you charismatic and trustworthy? I will need help collecting contributions, recording donor information, and selling merchandise. Are you an overall good person? I will need help making sure every guest has a great time! 

         If you would like to help staff my campaign events, my fundraising events, and my media engagements, please shoot me a tweet, an e-mail, a text, or a phone call! I will have you ready for action in no time, and you will have my deepest and sincerest thanks!


Campaign Operators

       Building a strategy and laying the groundwork for execution -- this is what our nation's greatest political schemers do every day! Are you an aspiring Frank Underwood? Help me build door-knocking plans on a map of the city, draft and arrange literature for distribution, thank supporters, leverage the media, and strategize for maximum engagement. Become my official campaign manager or work on the campaign management team!

         If you can help operate my campaign, let me know right away and let's talk it over! Thank you so much.


Treasury Assistants

          Learn first-hand about campaign finance requirements by working with me and my Treasurer to track contributions and expenses on your way to compiling required reports! You will become an expert on one of the most stressful aspects of political campaigning, while gaining experience that will be very valuable to you in the future! Use your new skills next year to help out a state or national campaign, for a guy or lady who will actually pay you! How great would that be?

           If you would like to help out my Treasury team, please contact me! We would be thrilled to have you on board!


Brand Builders

        Are you creative? Are you skilled with photography, videography, web design, or graphics? As you can tell by viewing this website, I need your help!

        Help me make this website and my logo not look like garbage, and strike deeper at the hearts of voters. Help me with photographs and imagery that portray my message. An amazing video, like this one, on YouTube can change the course of history. Design T-Shirts with me, and practice memecraft to keep my Twitter trending. Let's have some fun!

        If you can help me with my branding, I need it desperately! Together we can get our message across in an unforgettable way. Please contact me and I will give you a role you will love -- and I will be incredibly thankful!


I Need You!

        A dedicated team is worth more to my campaign than anything money can buy. Please join us, and help make a real difference for our city! I will ensure that you have an unforgettable experience, and you might just make some friends along the way.

        If you have been looking for something to DO to improve our community, this is your opportunity! Contact me, and let's work together to bring our hopeful message to Cleveland. As always -- THANK YOU!!