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Logo Stickers Available!

16 November 2020


First rolls of stickers (labels) with the AOK4CLE logo came off the printer and are now available for purchase by clicking the DONATE page and following the link to the webstore!  These stickers measure 2x2 inches and look great on the backs of phones and laptops. Consider covering them with clear tape if you apply them to a spot you touch frequently, to prevent the ink from smudging. And be careful when peeling them off, so they don't tear! Buy a five pack and give one to four of your friends. Proceeds go to Neighbors for Arthur O' Kostendt.

Thanks for reading, and supporting the campaign.


Website Live!

3 November 2020


Launched this website today! Still proofreading, testing, and collecting feedback, so bear with me if you see some hallmarks of amateur web design! 

I look forward to the coming year with tremendous excitement, as we hope to inspire all of our Neighbors to believe in a better government for Cleveland.