"I am once again asking for your financial support....."

A famous former presidential candidate once used this phrase in a YouTube clip, and the rest is history.

Neighbors, my voice is your voice. My voice is not for sale. Neither should your vote be. Money shouldn't be able to buy the Mayor's office. With this principle in mind, I will never ask you for a dime.


If you have a dime or two you that you don't plan to use, I'd be happy to take it! You can contribute to my campaign in 3 fun ways. Click each line to jump to more info on each method, or just scroll down!


1) Send the cryptocurrency Ether (ETH) to our committee's ETH wallet.

2) Give my committee United States Dollars ($) in the form of cash, check, or credit.

3) Buy some very cool Arthur O' Kostendt merchandise, online or in person! Click here to go directly to the store.

For disclosure purposes, my committee's legal name is Neighbors for Arthur O' Kostendt. This is the legal entity, registered with our wonderful Ohio Secretary of State, which benefits from your contributions and uses them to fund my campaign operations! (Note: City of Cleveland employees may not donate more than $100 per calendar year)

Important Note: No individual may contribute over $5,000 per calendar year. Please do not try!

Send Ether (ETH) to our committee's wallet

Ether is a cryptocurrency, similar in some ways to Bitcoin. It's the economic unit of the "Ethereum" blockchain, and it's tremendously easy to buy and transfer online.

One great thing about Ether is that its value grows over time! Many people predict Ether is "the money of the future," because it's International, Programmable, and Apolitical. You can learn more about Ether and buy some of your own at Coinbase by clicking here. (There are other places to buy Ether as well, Coinbase is just the most popular US-based exchange!) Please don't attempt to send any other type of crypto coin to the address, or it will just get lost forever.

You can contribute to my campaign by sending some Ether to our wallet, using the address



or by scanning the QR code here!

VERY IMPORTANT: Before or after sending us some Ether, you need to send us an e-mail, text, or tweet with your name, home address, and if you are employed by the City of Cleveland.  Confirm either your wallet address or the amount you sent. This is because we need to report names and addresses of donors to comply with campaign finance laws! If we don't get a message from you within 72 hours of a contribution, we will need to reverse the transfer. Thank you for understanding. Please don't send more than $5,000 worth of ETH, to avoid exceeding the calendar-year limit on contributions to a City of Cleveland candidate.

Unless you tell us not to, we will be happy to send you some merchandise from our store in exchange for your donation! Just let us know how you'd like to receive it. For cryptocurrency donations, we will take care of any shipping costs to reward you for trying out a new form of money!


Give us U.S. Dollars by Cash, Check, or Card

If you're feeling old-fashioned, you can contribute to my campaign in cash, by personal check, by card, or PayPal!  Wasn't it nice of me to make it so easy for you to give me money? Not that I'm asking you to!

A) Contribute in cash by finding me, or approaching a Treasury Assistant, at an event! You may also visit us at headquarters. Consider calling ahead to make sure I'm home! You can contribute up to $100 in greenbacks. I will just need to record your name and address for our routine filings. 

B) Contribute via check made out to Neighbors for Arthur O' Kostendt. We will need to report your name and address, so write this on the check if it's not pre-printed! Also, let us know if you are a City of Cleveland employee. You can hand this off to me in person, or mail it to our address! No more than $5,000 per person please! And no corporate checks!

C) Contribute via credit card or PayPal by purchasing a donation in our online store! To make a donation without purchasing a package, simply order a donation in the desired amount, and proceed to Checkout. To make things even more simple, you can just click this Donate button below. Please, you must mark the box indicating you wish to share your address with us! As always, leave a special instruction or let me know via e-mail or phone if you are a City of Cleveland employee.

Unless you tell us otherwise, we are happy to give you some merchandise as a thank you for your contribution! As long as we know where to send it, and how you'd like to receive it, we are more than happy to distribute promotional material to our donors, no matter the form of contribution.


Money Can't Buy It

          Neighbors, I truly appreciate that you have even looked at my donations page. Any dollar you can spare will go directly to getting our message out across Cleveland. 

          However, money is not the most important thing you can provide my campaign effort. There is no price tag on the Mayor's office, and no amount of money will fix the pathetic culture that has overtaken our city government. Because of that, I will never ask you for money, and neither should any of my volunteers. 

         What's truly needed to fix our city is your commitment to participate in our events, engage with our neighbors about the election, and most importantly VOTE in the primary election on September 14th, 2021 ! 


         From the bottom of our hearts -- whether it's your money, your time, your prayers, or simply your vote -- we thank you for anything you can give.